B1080PX-3 HD Digital Signage Media Player

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B1080PX-3 HD MediaPlayer
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    Key Features

    - High Performance & Stability

    - Simply Create Multi-Zone & Media Layouts with XML

    - Full HD WMV9 Digital Signage

    - Play Files & FTP Auto Download Simultaneously

    - Bundle Remote Management Software (POP Center)

    The B1080PX Series is a high-class Digital Signage with high-end performance (40Mbps).  The advanced technology provides the smoothest and clearest image for playing advertising contents.  The B1080PX Series is one of the best stand-alonge Digital Signage in the world.

    The B1080PX-3 supports multi-zone and multi-media disply function.  You can use XML to simply design multi-zone layout and play different type of content in each zones on one screen, including video, image, date, time and scrolling text.  You can also change background image and text color. 

    The B1080PX-3 is an ideal for advertising, retail displays, digital poster, museum exhibits and other applications.

    - High-performance and high stability:  With the same resolution and bit rate as Blu-ray players'.

    - The source of HD WMV9 MP@HL (Main Profile/High Level) suports resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080P) and the maximum bit rate is 40Mbps.

    - Supports multiple file formats:  Music, Picture, Movie and HD WMV9.

    - Supports Video, Y.Pb.Pr (optional VGA to Y.Pb.Pr cable), HDMI, VGA and Audio output.

    - HDMI Output:  480P/ 720P/ 1080i/ 1080P

    - HDMI 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 compliant.

    - VGA output supports resolution:  640x480/ 800x600/ 1024x768/ 1280x1024/ 1360x768/ 1366x768.

    - Support Bidirectional RS-232 communication (Transmit/Receive).

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