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Taiwan Oolong Tea
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Taiwan Dongding Oolong tea is medium fermentation, and is well known everywhere.  Dongding Oolong tea originates in Lugu Township, Nantou County, at the elevation of 500 ~ 800M.  The tea plantation has been extended in recent years to towns of Nantou County, Jhushan and other tea-growing areas.  The manufacturing process for kind of this tea is rolling the tea through the fabric to form a tight dome.  It has dark green color tealeaf with bright yellow tea, strong aroma and taste of mellow “Gan”.  It is definitely a unique Taiwan tea.

Due to Lishan’s high altitude, it has big temperature difference between day and night, and has fog all day with fresh air at the time of spring to summer interchange, which is an excellent breeding environment for high mountain tea.  The special “Lishan sweet flavor” is very addictive.  Our harvests has its baby shoots.  It grows very slowly and often baptized by the snow, but with an average of 2 to 3 harvests annually.  Lishan Oolong Tea is the extreme representation of high mountain tea as it has elegant aroma, taste sweet, and the aroma stays in your mouth and throat for three days around the tongue!

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